A growing girl! Her first visit to the doctor yesterday gained her a clean bill of health. She is piling on the weight. Currently 5.1 kgs. Judging by the size of her belly, most of it is there!
Each day she smiles a little more, gains more strength in her neck, holds her head upright for a little longer and grips a little tighter. Of course I am impatient for the day when we can discuss thye merits of one jazz pianist over another, and go diving together, but I fear these are still some way off. I will have to be content with her grinning when she does a poo for now. Oh well.

Say Hello to Rosie Christa Olive Woodhead!

Welcome to the woodhead world Young Rosie!
Rosie was born on 4-06-2009 in Ipoh, Malaysia.
It’s a long story, but an amazing one, which has unfolded in the last month.
At this point it is enought to say that our world has changed utterly, and we that were two are now three.
I would have liked to have updated this blog on the day she came into our lives, but it has just not been possible. So this is the start point to the family blog.
The picture above was taken the day after she arrived, aged one month and one day. Seriously tiny was she. It was also quite scary. Will she break?? Will she stop breathing?? How do I hold her??
Over the last month, things have started to get easier, and she has started to become a little person who smiles and poops her way through the day.