Another month has flown by…

And Rosie has seemed to have developed some new method of communicating on an almost daily basis.

Several weeks ago, squeeking suddenly appeared as the favoured form of sharing her thoughts. That was replaced by an attempt at consanant clusters (whichI encouraged heartily) but that was dropped in ffavour of a more advanced style of squeeking a few days ago. I find it delightful. Katrin has to put up with it from 4am onwards, and is slightly less delighted.
All is well on the health front. The last trip to Doctor Partrick included half of the 6 in one follow up jabs she is due. (Only half due to fever last time) Unfortunately, this meant cancelling her appoinment with her boyfriend in Ampang until she gets the rest of her jabs. Oh well. She seems happy enough to sit and watch Piglet Wilburn with her Mother all day anyway.