A big week ahead!

Mousedeer has a big week ahead. Doctor Partrick will be giving her a fever again on Thursday, in the next round of injections. This will mean that by the weekend, she will be able to leap into the swimming pool and develop a love for Scuba (so she can dive with her dad)
Actually, she will be placed gently in a special rubber ring with feet holes in it, and visit the water for the first time…I will have to save the scuba dreams for later. She is also due to start solids in the next week, which should certainly be an interesting experience after six months of milk. I would like to start her off with a burger, but Katrin insits that her first meal will be two grains of rice, and her second meal will be three grains of rice. Burgers next week then.

Midwife visit

The Midwife came yesterday (here we are in the cafe, celebrating another glowing report from her!)
Rosie has grown by 6 cms in the last month, and her weight is now a little over 8 kgs. The midwife also said that she feels Rosie is going to have an extremely strong character, and already decides who she likes and doesn’t like. Aparently, this shouldn’t happen for a few months yet, but she was very anti Nurse Jennifer when she turned up at our door. I am also told that the prediciton is that she will bend her father round her little finger, whilst her mother will be harder to manipulate. God knows what gave the Midwife that idea.

TV addict

Rosie caught watching Piglet Wilburn for the 900th time yesterday.

She never seems to get bored. A German-speaking Piglet is her number one fascination at the moment. The extended tummy time is excellent, and her neck muscles are really strong now, but she doesn’t seem to want to watch anything else! As you can see, her mother is putting a brave face on for yet another screening!