Eating progress

Boxing day brought mango and banana puree for lunch. As you can see, most  of it now ends up where it supposed to go, rather than everywhere else…especially when it’s mango and banana

Christmas day

Rosie’s first Christmas day was lovely. She did better than either of us in the present department, and gifts arrived from all over the place for her.Some she clearly approved of, but seemed less than impressed by others.

Watching up unwrap her first present (or fiddle with the paper to be more accurate) was great. I think she was more interested in the wrapping than what was inside though.

Hybrid socks

Is it a shoe? Is it a sock? These delightful new (well, second hand actually-thanks Heather!) additions to Rosie’s wardrobe are a shoe wannabe. Stylish or what? She has four different colours, so prepare to see them being sported in many an upcoming posing session.This was the other day in the local Jusco Mall, doing a last minute Christmas shop.

We wish you a merry Christmas

Christmas is around the corner, and Rosie had her indoctrination into the spirit of Christmas by visiting Harrods KL last weekend. She learnt what Christmas is all about; twinkling lights, expensive gift items and food.

 She especially liked the Harrods teddy bears. Unfortunately they cost more than a month’s salary, and she was unwilling to go without milk for a month (or even a few hours) so the bear will have to wait until I make country director next year.

We have our tree set up at home now, and Rosie is delighted to watch it blink and flash before sitting down to her first breakfast at 7am (second breakfast – in the manner of hobbits and their love of second breakfast takes place at 10.30am)

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is round the corner, and Rosie has been getting into the spirit by wearing her new Santa headband as much as possible. In the meantime, the usual Christmas battle is taking place with me wanting to make the house look like a grotto, and Katrin wanting something more tasteful. I nearly bought two musical santas (one playing the saxophone and one playing the piano) in Sungai Wang yesterday, but opted for two sets of flashing lights and a jewel incrusted boot with attached Santa instead.I just know Rosie will love them.
We are going to KLCC this afternoon, to show Rosie the Gingerbread house display in the concourse, and take some Christmas photos, so I will post those later.

Water baby!

Although Doctor Patrick advised us to wait until Rosie is 21 until she goes in the water, and we have followed all of his other recommendations to the letter, we went with the midwife on this one, and headed for the pool last Sunday. I think the doctor is worried about germs. The sheer volume of other tiny babies that frolic in our pool made it irresistible. The midwife saying that Rosie is ‘slightly over her ideal weight’ and may lose some plumpness in the pool sealed the deal.

As for Rosie, she loved it. From the first moment she looked utterly relaxed in her floating armchair. I’m not sure if it could be considered exercise however. Her fat little legs were motionless, and she seemed quite content to be pushed around the pool and admire the view.

First meal

A historic day. The first meal. Puree of Banana and baby rice. It didn’t taste too bad actually. Rosie seemed a bit unsure about what to do with it though. She ended up wearing most of the three teaspoons she was given. I suppose that when you don’t have any concept of anything but drinking liquids, it must seem extremely odd to have strange tasting stuff in your mouth.
The first spoon actually went down eventually, but this picture, taken as the second was being offered, clearly shows less than delight at the prospect of more.