Catching some rays

Perhaps a carrot and nappies are not the coolest sunbathing accessories, but as far as Rosie is concerned, a spangled headband offsets these perfectly. I get the feeling that in a few years she will want to kill me for posting this picture. I state for the record now-you haven’t started walking yet Rosie, which is partly why you look like a mini sumo wrestler (but a beautiful one at that..)


Google fame

I tried Googling ‘Rosie Woodhead’ today. She is the sixth entry on page one. Not bad for 8.5 months of age. I, on the other hand am nowhere to be found, after 46 long years in which to rise in Google stature. I did find an exciting (if not very famous) .22 calibre air pistol champion called James Woodhead, but not a glimpse of me.

In celebration, here is Rosie in her Hollywood starlet outfit, awaiting fame and fortune.

It’s official

Unfortunately I have to now admit defeat and officially announce that Rosie has more hair than me. I have been fighting a losing battle for several months. For a while I was winning in the density department, but she has overtaken me and left me behind. Welcome to the world of hairstyles Rosie Woodhead.

Tummy time


A recent visit to the pool provided a rare glimpse of Rosie spending time on her tummy. Usually she holds this position for about 8 seconds and then plonks her head down and refuses to lift it up again, protesting of exhaustion. There is a long way to go before she is mobile..

Rosie receives guests


Another in a line of enlightened visitors made a special trip to see Rosie today. This is her third  Myanmar monk, on his way back to Myanmar, via KL, having studied in Sri Lanka for a number of years. Before you ask, it’s far too complicated to explain! Katrin  made friends with one of them some time ago and we are now getting a steady stream making a special side trip to visit Rosie (and bring us enough Sri Lankan tea to last a lifetime.)

What with her Sikh christening at 2 months, and now her Buddhist blessings, she can surely expect a long and prosperous life.


Uncle Lars in town

Uncle Lars arrived shortly after Auntie Alison had left, weighed down with gifts for all. Yet more beautiful outifits for guess who. Rosie fell in love, and performed beautifully for her Uncle. She can now feed herself and takes great pride in demonstrating this with her baby rice crackers at every opportunity. We were at the coffee shop eating cheese cake in these photos, and I am pretty sure Rosie would have opted for cheese cake too instead of a rice wafer…..