Pool time

It’s been a few weeks since posting. Not laziness, just lack of photo time. In the meantime, Rosie has not sat still (either emotionally or physically) for a moment. Backwards crawling is developing nicely, and she can now rotate herself, sleeping bag and all 180 degrees in bed (not so nice at 3am)


Rosie and Mummy enjoying some pool time this week. Baby crackers are now the coolest snack on the block.


Rosie and co.

More time spent at the pool this week, with Rosie’s Russian friends (Dennis on the left). A little on the chubby side she may be, but beautiful she is without question.











Rosie in a box


For no good reason other than never having sat in a box before. I also thought it might make an extremely cheap ‘playhouse’ (children should be encouraged to use their imagination…)

Anyway, she wasn’t that fussed, the microwave that box came in the box was RM700, so it wasn’t that cheap after all.

Baby Buddha


A late entry for baby Buddha of the year, all the way from Setiawangsa.

Reality check

In the last blog post, I proudly told of Rosie standing (and envisaged her walking by this week..)

This is the reality. OK, she can stand. But her efforts to crawl are still ridiculous. She constantly flips onto her belly, holds her head up for a second, and then decides it might be better to rest (and pretend that this was her intention all along.)


Peeping round to get a glimpse of what she is actually doing with her head on the ground, she is clearly quite happy to chill out and view the world from a different angle for a while.


The First strawberry


Clearly developing a taste for the finer things in life. The first strawberry was enthusiastically received, along with her daily dose of banana yogurt. She will need to be aware that they are also my favourite fruit.

Looking cool

Chilling out this afternoon, playing with her favourite horse (and wearing her mothers hat.) She will be needing a set of spurs next.


My first passport photo?


Perhaps not. More like an advert for what happens if you watch Piglet Wilburn on DVD every day for 9 months.

Standing tall and proud

ewal1 ewal2

Having been thoroughly scornful of her ability to crawl, I can now announce that as of yesterday, she can officially stand (with a helping hand for balance.) I think she likes the view from up there. Time to move every item we own out of reach and install the stair gate. Groan.


Ready to get busy

ewal4 ewal7

A month ago, the picture on the right would have been the preferred position for an afternoon on the mat. Now its the one on the left. Never has a child been so determined to move. She will now not sit still for a second. Actual crawling could only be described as sad. She has worked out how to crawl backwards, but ends up very confused as to why things are moving further away from her rather than getting closer.