We swore we would never set foot in the Genting Highlands (Malaysia’s hill station/theme park/Chinese casino hell)

Here are me and Rosie relaxing after a bottle of milk and a poo (her, not me) in Genting Highlands.


Forward progress

Pipkin is now busy scuttling around. She is becoming highly accomplished at multi-tasking – Sucking her dummy, crawling and squeeking, all at the same time. The pic above was way back in the early days of crawling (two weeks ago) She now whizzes around like it ain’t no thang.

Mummy and Rosie

KandR KaR

Happy Rosie, tired mummy. A delight for (almost) every waking moment…..but a tiring one. Caught here in increasingly rare moments of non wriggling, crawling or otherwise refusing to be still for a second. She is coming up on 11 months now, and I predict independent walking in the next month…..


Talk about growth spurts. I have been waiting for a tooth for the last six months, convinced that every drool was a sign of it’s arrival. Anyway, two days into my parents trip, two tiny white mice teeth simultaneously reared their heads. In addition, she suddenly decided it was time to start crawling, after several months of hopeless attempts and our endless encouragements to move forwards instead of backwards (or more often simply to move at all.) One morning last week she simply scuttled off across the floor like she had been doing it forever.The times they are a-changing, as someone once said.

The grandparents

My Mum and Dad came to visit their granddaughter for the first time last week.
All three fell in love with each other (as you can see) and Rosie was the perfect hostess.
They have been gone for a few days now, but Rosie still looks for them when she comes down in the mornings. Next time she sees them the tables will be turned. They had to disolve pools of sweat in 97% humidity and 40 degree heat. She will have to endure the shivering cold of a Manchester December. (I hope her baby Ugg boots still fit.)