Nemo – The new Piglet Wilburn


Watching Piglet Wilburn has officially lost its lustre. Mummy has worn this expression for the last 6 months when faced by another session of Wilburn. Rosie seems to have learnt it (note the shared expression)


Shock, horror! What is this? A new favourite to watch to death, until the DVD is worn away. Nemo is now the official replacement for Wilburn. Horray!



Party time

After hours of primping and preening, Rosie was ready at 3.30 yesterday to attend her first one year birthday party. The celebrations were at a very exclusive address, so despite it being her friend’s party, she was keen to look her best.

On arrival, she found the grandest sofa available from the twenty five on offer in the living room and got down to the serious business of looking as sofisticated as possible.
She looked on with distain as the two boys (Mikhail and Andre) demonstrated their superior walking skills. They might have the edge on getting around, but sitting pretty belongs to her. And she can stand holding on to things with serious style.

Mikhail cut his cake, Rosie and Andre looked on with approval, but were actually much happier with half a rice cracker each. A good time was had by all. Palatial surroundings, exclusive vip guests, and an appreciative adult audience.

Back at full strength

s1 s3

Rosie is back at full strength, shouting, screeching and generally making her presence known to all who might somehow have failed to notice her. Here she is chilling in her ring whilst making a Skype call on Sunday.

s2 And here she has clearly decided that enough is enough, and it’s time to sign off Skype and start thinking about retiring for the evening.



Mummy and mouse waiting to go into court. We had to spend 3 hours sitting alongside chained criminals for the hearing (the first of quite a few in the next few months) in Johor magistrates court. At least she didn’t throw up all her lunch until after the hearing.

The next day, in order to escape the hotel for a few hours, we went into Johor for a Chinese. I think the fatigue level is clear from the picture!


Rosie ordered Kuay Teow. Thank god she didn’t eat it. Next morning we flew back down the motorway the 400klms to KL, straight to  Doctor Patrick with a feverish baby. He scolded us in no uncertain terms for our choice of cuisine (although it had nothing to do with the fever I hasten to add.) It seems she has picked up a virus in the last week somewhere.

Update…no photos, but mouse is recovering (grinning and shouting again as of Friday)

Marine girl


Bath time is a great deal of fun these days. One bonus is that we don’t even have to pull the plug. Rosie drinks most of her bath water before exiting. Here she is this evening, sporting her cool blue bath seat. Like a kind of underwater potty with a handlebar and suckers on the bottom. Delighted by it is she.