Raisin head

Rosie now meets me at the station (with her Mother in tow) on my way home from work. She comes well prepared, with a small handbag containing a supply of raisins for the journey, and her best mothercare sandals strapped to her feet. It is a delight to see them both waiting for me at the end of the day!



Rosie at Starbucks. Currently, empty straw packets are more interesting than Chocolate Frappacinos with whipped cream. This can only be a good thing, but I don’t expect it to last forever.

Shoe shopping!


Like most of her milestones, walking came as an utter surprise. One day she couldn’t, and the next she could! She still needs a helping hand, but she is ready to sprint. This means (proper) shoes are needed. Here she is, having her feet measured in Clarkes at the Great Eastern mall. One is a three, and the other a 3 and a half.


A spot of supermarket shopping after the shoe shop. Lemon sole for Rosie tonight. Only the best.