Hello Kitty


Rosie has a new favourite toy (obsession.) A hello kitty balloon she got on Saturday in Little India (which survived dinner in a restaurant and the journey home.) She has figured out that tugging on the string will bring it down to ground level, but is confused by the fact that as soon as she lets go to grab it, kitty floats out of reach again.



Tiny wants a cracker

S2 S3

Lots of independent movement seen yesterday. When a rice cracker is out of reach, Rosie is more likely to display her walking abilities. We are up to four steps without falling now!


The best way to chill in front of the telly


A new height of laziness has been reached. ‘Finding Nemo’ on DVD, crashed on the floor with a pillow under her head, Rosie is set for the next 30 minutes.

30 winks

S5 S6

5pm is a deadly time. Fatigue creeps up, and after seeing a film 800 times, it is extremely easy to nod off. Unless you are Rosie..