Tioman or bust

The first image submitted in this blog from Malaysia was of me and Katrin standing on the jetty at The Panuba Inn . Here we are again, blessed by pipkin, on her first Woodhead family holiday.









I arrived two days before the others (Katrin, Lars, Robin and Rosie) My journey was grim, but theirs was hideous. 30 hours to travel 390 KLMS. Appalling delays, inefficient transport systems and sleep depravation were not enough to wipe the smile from Rosie’s face.



Dada has a new job! Promoted to a band 7 manager last week, I am now in charge of adult academic products. One more step closer to band 10…..

I got back from a week in Singapore on a training  scheme yesterday. Rosie has grown a little, got a little heavier, and definitely a little cheekier. He has taken to viewing the world upside down in a crab position and copying everything she sees..literally.

My first pizza

Pizza4 pizza5

Another first this evening. Pizza for tea. She ate THE WHOLE THING! Ok, it was from the children’s menu, but not really much smaller than mine. It seems she is very proud to eat from the menu, at the same time as her mum and dad. There was no stopping her. She even had time to dance to the piped music half way through.

When we got home she seemed to have developed difficulty in walking. Her belly was throwing her off balance.


Rosie loves the station

One of the most exciting places for Rosie currently is the LRT station. The Queen of Setiawangsa is under the impression that trains run for her alone. She likes to let everyone know that, and takes great interest in everybody who sets foot on her platform.

Shortly after these photos, she was on the train tugging on a the beard of a very pious looking Pakistani Muslim’s beard. Well, he was sitting on her train after all.