Trick or treat


Halloween is upon us. Rosie is going to her first Halloween party next weekend, and has decided that a bumble bee outfit is a suitably scary choice for the occasion. A trial run (of the top half) yesterday went well!


It went so well in fact, that she was reluctant to take it off, despite temperatures in the high 30’s.


Even Piglet Wilburn had to be enjoyed whilst playing the bumble bee.


Here she is, pulling her most scary Halloween face, and wishing everyone a fright-filled October 31st


Potty and Slippers


Miss Woodhead sporting the latest in hand stitched carpet slippers. We don’t have any carpet, but they still look extremely cool..and that’s what it’s all about.


Mum came home today with a new milestone purchase for Rosie. We can only hope that she doesn’t do this with it when it’s full.

Rosie is a Woodhead


I still have Tioman posts to blog, but the events of this week have to come first! We have just returned from court in Johor (for the second time in a week) and Rosie is now officially a Woodhead. At 9.30 this morning, we were in the judge’s chambers while he read the welfare report, and we sat and trembled as 15 months of stressing, fretting and waiting came down to this moment. He muttered and mumbled to the lawyer, read the documents that we have sweated blood over during this long process, and then said ‘congratulations.’ She is officially ours.


This final hearing has been a saga. Last week we went for the hearing, and as we arrived in Johor, after driving for 5 hours, the lawyer rang and told us it was cancelled. We drove back to KL, waited a week, and found out yesterday that it was back on for today. Another five hours down the motorway, and another night in the Thistle hotel. (The above pics show Rosie enjoying the king size bed and room service breakfast – for her only – which arrived wrapped in a warm cotton napkin.)


So. This last week been one of the most stressful parts of the whole process. We drove 1400 KLMS, ate rubbish for two days, Rosie was strapped into a car seat for almost 23 hours, but its done. Finally Rosie is ours. Watch out Europe. She will have a passport by the end of the year……

More from Tioman

A few more from the trip to Tioman


One way of ensuring she doesn’t wander off….encase her bottom half in sand!


Rosie and Mama enjoy a float in the early evening


Waiting for the restaurant to open (not sure why really, as the food was inedible)  on the jetty, with the Panuba behind Rosie.

Tropical Island high-life


Rosie knows that it can’t be over done when it comes to packing for a tropical island holiday (especially when you have three people assigned to carry your stuff.) Here she is lounging on the beach in her private pool, brought especially from Germany for her holidays. Someone hinted last week that she is spoilt…Outrageous.