Cloudy with a chance of meatballs


We went for a visit to Port Dixon the other weekend, in preparation for our trip down there to house-sit over Christmas. Alan was having a big party with 40+ people, and Rosie was not going to be left out for anything. Here she is at 10pm, pretending that she is not remotely tired, watching a DVD with her new girlfriend Alisha. She finally went to bed at Midnight…


Christmas is coming. Toys R us is calling loud and clear.










Checking out what’s hot for Christmas this year. The toy store is a favourite haunt for a Saturday afternoon. Rosie heads straight for the Toy Story section, grabs a Woody doll, and takes off around the shop with Woody in tow. She has yet to learn that she can’t have everything she picks up, and the concept of financial exchange. So a lovely time in the store usually ends in tears…Oh well. Maybe Woody will visit for Christmas.

Another year


47. It really doesn’t seem like a year since I sat with Rosie on  my lap in the early morning, delighting in the fact that I am another year older. The one good thing is that I look younger every year I suppose….

The cake was lovely. Rosie would like a cake every day of the year.