Auntie Alison


Auntie Alison came to visit this weekend..for the weekend! We had a lovely, if brief time, and Rosie loved having her Auntie here. A new friend to help feed the fish in the mornings caused great excitement.


Someone to help tidy KLCC gardens, leaf by leaf was also very welcome.


Time spent between leaf clearing was an opportunity for sharing gossip and cooling down.


Although Auntie needed to cool down more than Rosie…


It’s not often we get visitors from Europe for the weekend. Especially ones who will sit and watch the world go by with their tiny niece for the afternoon….


…and then hang out in the Fish and Chips restaurant and show such deep interest in the babbling and ranting of an insane mouse for the evening. Good old Auntie Alison!



Sunday pool time


Last Sunday at the pool. Beats going to KLCC for the thousandth time any day!


A lovely time for all of us. Rosie found a new hobby in gardening. 45 minutes picking up leaves and putting them in the bin. Or stuffing them into my face.


Of course, there was plenty of time for her other hobby…eating.


And plenty of time for sharing important information with Mummy. Somebody today suggested she is speaking Korean. It might as well be.





Rosie started school this week. ‘They grow up too fast’ is an understatement. Here she is, ready for the off on a Monday morning….her first day. I think it was far more traumatic for Mummy than Rosie to be honest. It is only two hours a day, twice a week, but it is the longest that Rosie and her Mum have been apart for almost two years. Needless to say, tears were shed.


Here she is, setting off on the 200 yard trek to school. Emergency provisions in her rucksack, lest she should be overcome with hunger on the way.


She made it 100 yards, but then needed a snack. Well done Rosie, and welcome to the world of doing things you don’t particularly want to do. Possibly 90 years of it lie ahead for you.



One of the latest words that Rosie is playing with is ‘cool’

Whilst she didn’t actually use it to describe herself in my hat, she clearly thought she was.


Good for her. Not so good for me, as she insisted on wearing it all the way back from KLCC on the train this afternoon. This caused much hilarity amongst fellow commuters, which I think she took as verification of how cool she looked. At least she didn’t have her finger up her nose on the train.