I am German!!!!


Yesterday (Wednesday 30th March) at 9am I became a German citizen. A small sentence to describe a monumental moment. After two years of wading through the courts, thinking it is done, getting to the brow of the hill and discovering another hill beyond and parents greying before my eyes,  it is done.


My passport was created whilst I played with toys and chucked them around the office and the adults talked some nonsense for half an hour.


My German birth certificate will follow later. For now it is enough that I can get on a plane (with my parents) and go anywhere I choose! Hurray!!


My friends

Rosie will miss her friends when she moves. She has something to talk about with them every day, so here they are, on her blog, for her to look at in 20 years time.

Here she is with Uncle Hairul. She has been a fan of him since she was a tiny baby, and likes to find any excuse (like a new cat or goldfish) to visit him in the guard house at our condo.

Her other great friend is the Indian guard at Seri Maya next door. She chats to him every day, pulls his beard, and is generally cheeky. Nothing new there then.