Rosie in Europe!

Mummy and Rosie hit the sun filled streets of Berlin.

The waiting is finally over, and Rosie has arrived in Europe, and is liking it very much.
The biggest worry, after we finally cleared immigration in Malaysia, was that she would be a terror for the fourteen hour journey. Once again, she proved us wrong, and was the perfect mini-traveller. Headphones clamped to her head, she was happy to browse the Disney channel for much of the journey.
We have all had a fantastic two weeks in Britain and Germany. The next few posts will document some of her fun filled outings.
We are preparing to leave Europe again (all too soon) and head off on our next adventure in the desert next week.
The Middle East is waiting for you Rosie!

Off for Ice-cream! Hurray!

German playgrounds are cool!

Chilling with Uncle Robin

Bubble time with Daddy

I love Europe!!!!! (and Uncle Lars’ cooking!!)

Rosie’s farewell party

The weather was good to us, everybody came, and more presents than expected appeared for Rosie. Certainly, a good time was had by the guest of honour at her leaving party yesterday, as she said farewell to the friends, both big and small, that she has made over the past two years.

Hannah presenting a much appreciated gift to her royal highness.
Always time for food. Sharing a plate of Indian with Mum and Auntie Diana.
Uncle Alan. Clearly not in swimming mood.
Anita, doing the only sensible thing at a pool party.
Yet more food with Mama Entertaining guests is hungry work…
Uncle Paul and Benji, awaiting second helpings. Hope fully Rosie will leave enough for them.
No party of Rosie’s would be complete without her God parents. They whizzed back from Ipoh to give her a kiss and wish her farewell.
A last cuddle with Auntie Taranjit
Amme and Sophie exchanging vital baby talk.
The Cleere clan taking full advantage of the pool (twice)
No sign of Rosie. Must be busy eating somewhere.
A final present inspection, whilst Mummy is busy in conversation with Uncle Tom. Then it’s probably time for tea…