Rosie hits the gulf

I finished work at five today, came home and we whizzed off down the beach. The heat during the day – 47 degrees today (116.6 Fahrenheit) makes it impossible to visit earlier.
This was our first little trip, to allow Rosie to get her feet wet in the Arabian Gulf for the first time, and to check it out. Big waves, water almost too hot to swim in….perhaps a new daily event for the family!

Rosie, shells in hand, totters down the beach.



A train ride for me and Rosie in the Marina mall. I had expected to be driving around in a Mercedes by now, but I suppose a tiny train will have to do. I think Rosie would take the train over the Mercedes anyway.

First views

The view from our new flat is stunning. The air-con problems are sorted, and we finally have the new hopefully now we can enjoy it! Dubai Marina is laid out below us, and the view by night is amazing. Being at the far end of the marina means we are not totally surrounded by skyscrapers either. We are very lucky to have found this place, and it will take some time to get used to the opulence!
Slightly to the left of the marina is the sea. The beach looks fantastic, but we have not been brave enough to face the 50 degree heat yet. The beach can wait until winter…

Birthday trip to Dubai aqarium

Rosie’s first birthday treat was to visit KL aquarium, and in keeping with tradition her second was spent at Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo.

As usual, Rosie was delighted by the fish. It is a seriously impressive aquarium in fact, and as Rosie is becoming something of a connoisseur, we were extremely relieved that it met with her approval.

Following the fishes, it was time for a quick disco dance on the floor of Dubai mall,

before heading outside for dinner in the shadow of the world’s tallest building and the musical fountains of the Dubai mall lake. All in all, a delightful second birthday.

Rosie in the UK

Prior to jetting off to Berlin, Rosie enjoyed a delightful weekend in the country with her Grandparents and Aunt
She quickly took control of the living room, making herself at home

and taking care of William (whether he liked it or not)

A wonderful week for all..especially Rosie, who had no objection to be being the centre of attention for the entire time!