Berlin breakfast

A feast fit for a king. And the Queen sits at the head of the table, stressing about what to eat next.
A yogurt seems like a wise choice.
Followed by some chill time with friends

and a movie with Dad.


Mini rocker

More from Berlin. A shopping spree in town yielded nothing for us, but a wardrobe of new T-shirts for Rosie. Looking like she is off to a gig, here she is, enjoying the warm summer sun at uncle Robin’s parents house outside Berlin (shortly before her lunchtime nap – not very rocker of you Rosie…)
After the nap it was business as usual – tearing round the garden screaming…..
and endless rounds of the jumping game with Uncle Lars and me.

Little Britain


Rosie had a wonderful time in the UK. Back to nature (well, in the countryside at least) and endless dogs to play with.


She loved Grandma and Grandpa’s house (the endless garden especially!)


The swing was a particular highlight. (Every time we see one in Dubai she has to go on it.)


Some of the time it was even warm enough to go outside without a coat and hat (British summer for you…)


And best of all, she got to steal Grandpa’s seat to watch her movies. Comfy Rosie?

Chasing bubbles


More fun and games in the UK. Looking ultra cool (and very sweet) in her first raincoat, Rosie burnt off the pounds chasing bubbles for hours on end in the garden


One thing Rosie didn’t bring to Europe with her, despite the 30 Kgs 0f luggage she was carrying, was a pair of wellies. Alison had a brilliant brainwave, and went and unearthed Paddington bear from 30 years ago. We blew the dust of his wellingtons, and low and behold, they fitted perfectly! Tiny toy wellingtons saved the day!



Rosie loves dogs 2

I seem to remember doing a blog entry when Rosie was about eight months old called ‘Rosie loves dogs’ with a picture of her playing with a toy dog. 16 months on, we recently discovered some pictures from the UK in June which bear testament to this. She has no fear, even when faced with a headlong charge from an animal three times her size..

Rosie and her special friend William. I think she was half expecting him to engage her in conversation.
More cuddly than her favourite rabbit. William seemed to like her too. Perhaps in small doses Rosie.

Of course, Grandma is delighted that William is a big hit.
Literally three times her size. If he had been hungry, Rosie might have made a delicious snack.
Little dogs are great too! Lizzy is Rosie’s favourite tiny creature.
Still waiting for William to say something……
Rosie loves her friends! I suppose it will be ‘can I have a dog?’ before we know it…..

The flight – stepping back for a moment.

I don’t know how I overlooked it (perhaps it was getting used to a new country at the time) but I didn’t post anything about Rosie’s first airborne journey – an important and historic moment in her tiny life. Here we are en route to the UK from Malaysia. The photos are taken with my Ipod, so the quality is not great, but they are still very sweet, and document that, yet again, Rosie astounded us and took the whole thing in her stride. Months of fretting about a screaming child and being trapped for 14 hours on a plane melted away soon after take off, as Rosie took to flying like she had been doing it for years.
First job – check the movie channels…and yes! Finding Nemo is showing!! That’s the first two hours taken care of.
Some hours later. Rosie pretending not to be tired. This time it’s ‘A bugs life’ on the telly. Not quite Nemo, but still worth trying to stay awake for.

The entire 14 hours, (and the connection in Dubai) were a joy-thanks Rosie! The world is now truly your oyster.

Wild wild Wadi

Heaven for Rosie – A water theme park. We visited Wild Wadi recently, and Rosie spent five hours shrieking her way through various pools and fountains.
Aqua girl with Mummy, heading for a breather after an hour in the wave pool.

Daddy wishes he had a hat as cool as Rosie to wear in the 45 degree sun.

Pipkin loves the waves. If it had not been getting close to bedtime, I am fairly sure she would have stayed in the water until darkness fell and the park closed.
Here’s hoping that the next visit to Wild Wadi wont be too far in the future!!