Life’s a beach…

Our first holiday in the UAE this week saw us travelling across the mountains to the east coast Fujairah emirate, and 5 days in the costal resort of Al Aqah. A well deserved break for all three of us.

We stayed at the Miramar Hotel, which was lovely. It was made even lovelier when Katrin complained about the room, and got us a free upgrade to an executive suite, overlooking the lovely beach on the Gulf of Oman.

 One of the consequences of five days of continual sea air (and a fairly nasty cold for half of the time) was an extremely sleepy mouse. Thank heavens for a king size bed and feather duvet.

Breakfast was splendid, and even included pork bacon and sausages. Rosie liked to start with a croissant or two before moving on to cooked items.

Rosie took full advantage of the facilities and maximised her chill-out time on the beach, with temperatures slightly more bearable than in Dubai, hovering around the 42 degree mark (which is 107.6 Fahrenheit for you UK types.)

 The waves were rather higher than madam is used to (Asian islands) but she still insisted on spending as much time as possible getting wet.

 As brave as she might be in water, she is still a sucker for a cuddle with Mummy.