Sharjah Discovery Centre

A busy weekend for Pipkin. As well as a visit to the park to run off a few kilos (Rosie that is), we had an outing to Sharjah, to visit the discovery centre, which is a hands-on science museum for mini scientists.

Here are Mummy and Rosie studying the science of something to do with cranes, and making a poor job of building a foam house.
To be honest, much as Rosie loved the cranes and the water displays, I think she preferred taking handfuls of dead leaves and constructing a brown wig out of them on my head.


Winter is coming!

For the first time since May, we have been able to spend an afternoon outside (well, an hour actually.)

 The temperature has dropped below 35 degrees, and the wind is up, bringing a ton of sand but also some cool air. We went to Sharjah discovery park, and mouse had fun in the grass, collecting leaves and throwing them away again, and again, and again. Bright red cheeks were an indicator that we are not quite in winter yet, but a month ago we would all have ended up in hospital after an hour outside.

Angelina Ballerina

We were looking for some winter clothes for mouse last week, and in between trying on wooly hats in H&M Rosie spotted a pink ballerina skirt. Her interest in these has been growing with her daily does of Dorothy the Dinosaur on Jim-Jam (who just happens to wear one) She flatly refused to leave without it, or  to leave without wearing it there and then. She has been wearing it every day since. The pink period has begun.

A life aquatic

Ahead of her second trip in a month to a five star beach resort on the UAE east coast, Rosie is seen her trying on her new pink flippers and goggles. Direct from Germany, via her uncles, this is the latest in designer scuba wear.

Of course, we had an hour of her flapping through the apartment, flatly refusing to take off her flippers.

In terms of equipment, Rosie is now ready to scuba. Perhaps a few lessons in breathing through her pink snorkel might be in order first.