Ice cream

Ice cream is now officially the greatest thing on earth. Rosie has been known to wake up in the morning and start talking about it.

Unless she has absolutely no option, KFC or McDonald’s Ice cream will not do. She is likely to protest if offered it, and will gamble on an adult changing their mind and getting her an Italian specialist ice cream (the expensive stuff in other words.)

Even the prospect of an ice cream is likely to have her jumping up and down with excitement and singing (about ice cream)

Shortly after finishing this particular ice cream, she set off after a flock of birds at full speed, gave up after 3 minutes, and threw the whole thing up, all over her t-shirt. Athletics and ice cream don’t really work together it seems.



Rosie has discovered swings. These ‘nappy style’ seats are perfect (sorry Rosie…) for extended swinging. 
To be honest, I feel dizzy and sick after five minutes of only pushing and watching. No such problems for Rosie.
I think she believes she is going to swing as high as the clouds (yes…we have clouds at the moment – small fluffy ones) as she is constantly babbling something about clouds.
 Each time we visit, she gets a little braver and wants to go a little higher.

 But like all good things, enough is enough, and when it’s time to stop swinging, she lets us know.

Public Holiday in Safa

We finally found a kite for Rosie, after scouring the malls. She chose the Toy Story one, although it was a close thing between it and a ‘Cars 2’ kite. (Cars of any kind are her latest obsession)
In the park last weekend, we attempted the maiden flight. The picture above gives an accurate picture of the maximum height attained. 
We drafted in some recruits to help us try and at least reach tree-top height, and Rosie did her best to direct the proceedings.
Despite help, it wasn’t to be. Never mind – Rosie loved it, and I am sure we will hit the skies in the next week.
The park was very busy (public holiday) and we spend a while watching the Pakistani and Afghani workers make the best of it and have some holiday fun.
Singing and dancing to traditional folk songs. Rosie was extremely tempted to join in, but contented herself with grooving on the sidelines.
They danced for hours, and were clearly having a really nice public holiday. For me, it felt like the most refreshing touch of foreignness  since arriving in Dubai.


Saturday afternoon on the beach. It is now cool enough to spend the afternoon there, without dying of heat exhaustion. Good news for mini mermaids.

As long as you occasionally shovel food into her mouth, Rosie is happy to stay partially buried for long periods of time.
But of course she has to be released to make sure the beach is properly watered.

Safa Saturday

The weather really is fantastic now. People head for the parks around town at the weekend, including us. This guy has got it right. Train your children to push you around as soon as you stop pushing them around.
Rosie worked it out this weekend, sprinting after the ball. Not an ice-cream in sight.
Lots of leaves to play with (and sweep the grass with.)
Swings are beginning to have appeal. The trick of not sliding off the seat has not been mastered yet though.
Enough of the swings. Lets hit the sandpit.
Either respecting the call to prayer or chucking sand around. I suspect the latter.
Time for a quick breather (not used to all this fresh air)
A rare moment of contemplation.
Time to get active again! 
Running around is thirsty work….
but excellent fun! Roll on winter!

Safa Park Sunday

The weather is now wonderful in Dubai. A slight nip in the air at times, cool breezes whipsering in the trees, and temperatures as low as 28 degrees. Weekends mean visits to the park and beach, and Rosie can finally spend time outside.

One of the potential bonuses of this new outdoor life was the opportunity for Rosie to shed a few pounds running around. Unfortunately, as this pictures show, we had forgotten to factor in the sale of ice creams in the park. Oh well.