Christmas is coming!

Rosie is getting into the Christmas spirit, ready for her trip to Europe next weekend. We are a three suitcase family..and one of them is full of gifts from Santa.

She has also been working hard on her Christmas vocabulary. New additions to her expanding store of words are; Santa, reindeer (actually caribou, which she learnt some time ago and can be forgiven for mistaking one for the other) snowman and Christmas tree.

 Cake is also a word that she is practicing hard at the moment. She has no idea of how useful that word will be over the next few weeks.

Dubai actually feels quite Christmassy. The weather is blissful, with a seasonal nip in the air and malls full of decorations. Malls were filled with decorations in Malaysia, true, but it was a dripping, humid 35 degrees outside, and somehow never really felt like Christmas.

Here’s wishing you all a very merry Christmas, from Santa’s smallest elf xxx

Rock On!!

Rosie has spent the last few weeks working on her image. First we had the peace sign, using one hand to arrange the fingers on the other, and squeaking ‘peace’ triumphantly when she worked it out. From there she progressed to the above. Sometimes we have peace with one hand, and ‘rock and roll’ with the other, with her squeaking each of them alternately. Note the ACDC t-shirt (but not the green leisure suit she is wearing over the top of it.) ¬†