TV with Grandpa

I’m not sure what they were both watching, but it was obviously highly amusing to both of them. Certainly not the cricket on Sky Sports…

Although Rosie has now lost interest, preferring to study physics, so perhaps it was the cricket….

Whatever it was, she has lots of questions, which Grandpa seems keen to answer in detail.
Whatever it was, Rosie clearly appreciated not having to endure another TV session with her boring Mummy or Daddy!

Christmas number two.

Christmas number two was spent a short plane ride away in Cheshire. I think Rosie liked having Christmas twice. She got to coordinate and oversee the unwrapping of another set of other people’s gifts, and received another huge pile for herself (including a set of angel wings.)
She had a lovely time with her cousin Lana, who she met for the first time (and who she thought was the coolest thing on the planet.)It was clear that Daddy is not the coolest thing anymore, and it is far more fun to copy Lana, throwing herself around and pretending to poop. Oh well.

Berlin Christmas

Uncle Lars and Uncle Robin were the hosts for a lovely Christmas in Berlin. Rosie loved all things Santa, and just about everything to do with Christmas (except the weather in Europe.)
Santa made the trip especially to visit little Rosie. At first she was very unsure about him, but when he opened his bag and pulled out a pile of presents, her view changed. She was quite disappointed when he had to leave for Lapland, and for the next few days every knock at the door was hoped to be Santa making a return visit.
Santa left a seriously cool pink bike behind, with matching helmet. Hurray!! Rosie hopes it is not too long before Santa comes knocking again!!

Christmas Markets

We arrived in Berlin for Christmas on the 23rd. Just time to make the most of the beautiful Christmas markets. The smells! The lights! Not sure who was more excited – me or Pipkin.

She seemed extremely impressed by the gigantic wheel. When it came down it it, she managed half a ride on a tiny carousel in a little boat before pleading to get out. We”ll save the big wheel for next year then.

Rosie managed to force down a sausage before it was time to go home. A whole sausage, and bread. An adult one, on top of her dinner. Why not…it’s Christmas.

It was a lovely (if cold) evening, and I am pretty sure Rosie is sold on the concept of the Christmas market.