I can clean my teeth!!…
with Mummy’s help, and providing I get a tiny chocolate afterwards. 
Cleaning teeth and then eating sweets. You have a lot to learn Rosie.

MC Woodhead

Rock and Roll!! MC Woodhead in the house. Laying down some ‘Twinkle twinkle’ beats, featuring ‘little star.’
Forget that Jazz rubbish that my Dad listens to. Phat tunes are where it’s at. A remix of ‘Muffin man’ coming up!

Playing and praying in Safa

Safa park is a busy place at the weekend, and it is worth while making the most of it before it gets too hot to visit. Whilst these ladies were busy praying, Rosie was busy playing.
Not much time for Grandma to attend to her prayers today. Far more important to chase mouse around the park.
Playing peek-a-boo in the flowers
Discussing seed pods and general botany with Grandpa
Our first barbeque of the season was a big success, and Rosie managed to force down several chicken kebabs before a little bell announced the approach of the boy with the bicycle and the promise of proper food….strawberry ice-cream.