Third birthday school party

Rosie has a June ahead. She finishes at ‘Bright morning nursery’ this week, and has a school birthday party with all her friends ahead of turning three on the 4th. On the day she finishes school, life moves downtown, to our new apartment. Mummy worked hard on all the birthday cakes and treats, as you can see below. Two dozen homemade cupcakes kicked the party off with a bang!
Pipkin was obviously delighted. She didn’t know what to eat first, she was so excited.
For the previous week Rosie had been obsessing about cake. If asked what she wanted for her birthday, there was just one word. Cake.
Luckily she was happy to share, so long as her best friend Eva was first in line, and teacher stayed well back.
The biggest problem of the morning was deciding which one to eat next.
Birthday hugs and goodbye cuddles from Eva.

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