If music be the food of love…..

Rosie discovered the joys of the ipod whilst on holiday, to add to her growing list of digital product familiarity.
The experience proved to be an emotionally intense one. 
Singing along (loudly) followed, once she had regained her composure.
Actually, her singing is arguably more in tune than her mother.
Clearly a Sesame Street moment.
A more reflective, Jazz-inspired moment.

Dinner is served

Time to get ready for dinner. Now I have to wait while to girls get ready, and Rosie is quickly learning to spend as long getting beautiful as her Mum does!
My two girls, finally ready to go. The odd smile on Rosie’s face is partly due to her new attempts to smile for the camera, and partly due to her insistance on lip gloss before she leaves the house.
Me and my girl. Took me five minutes to dress for dinner!
The perfect setting for dinner. Chips and tomato sauce it is then Rosie!

Surf’s up!

Rosie was here! A tiny footprint in the sands of Khao Lak.
Contemplating the ocean, life and ice-cream.
Bossing boys around is always fun! This one was incredibly long-suffering.
Preparing lunch for Mummy and Daddy.
The final touches…a drop of sludge.
A stroll on the beach and a spot of crab-chasing.
Surf’s up!

Reggae Princess

Rosie chilling in Khao Lak. She spotted this pink fairy crown in a shopping mall, and it was rarely off her head for the remainder of the holiday. This was consolidated by watching Shrek 35 times in three weeks. She became ‘Princess Fiona’ and would not even answer to plain old Rosie anymore. Mummy was ‘Shrek’ and, of course, Daddy was ‘Donkey.’ All very well until she began hollering ‘Donkey, come here’ across the swimming pool or breakfast restaurant. 


Just back from out summer hols in Thailand. A lovely time was had by all! Three weeks of Asia had us all relaxed, tanned and wishing it coud be longer! Here we are in Khao Lak, about to eat dinner on the beach. Rosie is still learning to smile to order, but is clearly doing her best!

The hotel was lovely…
as was the beach.
Lots of posts to follow, with the adventures of Pipkin in Asia in detail!