Christmas cookies

 My first Christmas cookies! A little help from Mummy, but made by my own fair hand..
Truth be told, she claimed to be exhausted after stirring the bowl for 3.5 seconds
But she did do more than her fair share of watching oven to keep a check on when they were ready.
Now it’s time to learn the meaning of the word ‘share.’

Yet another year goes by….

49 today. Dreadful news. At least Rosie didn’t get me up until 7.30am to insist that we eat cake and open presents.

After a delightful rendition of ‘Happy birthday dear baldy’ it was time to open presents. (Thanks for your help Rosie.)

 A wonderful picture from my daughter, featuring Mummy, Daddy and Nemo!

And the cake was pretty delicious too!

Back in Safa

The weather is perfect again, which means time for fun in the park!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Probably either a plane or a helicopter. Rosie has become expert in spotting them even when barely visible to the naked eye. 

 Confirmed. A plane according to Rosie. A white one. I can barely see it, let alone tell what colour it is.

 Daddy and Rosie enjoying the lunchtime sun. It is nice to live here at this time of year.

 A trip on the Safa park express is a perfect way to round off the afternoon!