An afternoon at Singing Sands!

 Key destinations on any holiday to Strontium include Singing Sands. What better place to let the kids run around and go wild than amongst unexploded munitions?
Newly purchased buckets and spades allow them to dig for mines and explosives 

 If they misbehave, there is always the option of carrying them into deep water and dropping them.
Or just leaving them stranded and legging it.
 “Where did that child go…?”
 After all that fun it’s back to the car for a delicious lunch.
“Where can I chuck this sandwich so they don’t notice, Lana?
 “Perhaps you should just eat it Rosie. Then maybe they will let us go home.”


We made it to Strontium!

We finally made it! Rosie was as good as gold. Look at that view…worth the journey! Despite being the birthplace of an important radioactive isotope, Strontium was beautiful.

The house was amazing. Certainly enough room for two children to go crazy. Also enough room for the mountains of presents that Santa had for them.
He most certainly did.

Orange Tree Christmas play

 Panto season is here! Time to see what the Buttercup class have been working so hard on this month!
 The Jungle Bells  theme felt decidedly Christmas-like for a desert setting.
First reaction on stage – ‘What the hell are my parents doing here?’
 Second reaction to being on stage – ‘Let’s Rock!!!’
 To the carefully choreographed strains of Crocodile rock (yes, they are dressed as crocodiles), Rosie quickly got into it, and was soon leading the others in a hip-swinging boogie.  Must have learnt that from her father….not.