Our lovely new house in Rowdah. 


Silver sands

 A day trip to Silver sands, just outside Jeddah last week. Wasn’t really expecting much, but it was really nice. Beats any beach spots in the UAE hands down. It feels distinctly tropical, and there are no restrictions… Saudi’s allowed.

 Pipkin enjoyed it. Beach life is in her blood, and she fully appreciated getting back into it.
 Mummy and mouse in the Red Sea. 
Who said Saudi is a hardship posting ???

Daddy at school

 Daddy recently accompanied Rosie to school for ‘invite your parents and build a cupcake morning’ Luckily Daddy is not considered too much of an embarrassment yet….. 
 or is he?………
Cupcake done. Queuing nicely for the return to the classroom.  
Back in class….funny how Rosie always finds her place right next to teacher.
Right next to Mrs Pierce. Teacher’s pet or what….