Daddy is fifty…

 Fifty today. Cake number one – a regrettable image from the 70’s..
 A smiling mouse at breakfast. Could it be because I have just told her we are going for a birthday ice-cream this morning?
 Birthday ice-cream, as promised.
 A special treat..dinner at the Hayatt. Wonderful!
 An old man, enjoying his dinner
 with his youthful, beautiful wife
 and his beautiful, drawing obsessed daughter.
Cake number two!
 Happy birthday Daddy!
Thirty five years ago Daddy looked like this..maybe he has improved with age?

The mountains

  We went camping in the mountains two hours from Jeddah recently. It was perhaps a little too early in winter on reflection. The tent was a sauna hell-hole..but mouse put on a braver face than her mother and father.
King of the mountains…(perhaps without the doll, Rosie..)
Mummy asking herself why we came, and when we can go home.
Mini-explorer..a long way from anywhere.