Boxing day

 Boxing day begins with ensuring Barbie and Ken have somewhere to relax while we go out.
Then the beds need to be made. One for Ken and one for Barbie of course.
Before boxing day lunch and a long walk with Junior at Uncle Randy’s house.

The great unwrapping.

 First one out of the wrapping, and quickly modelled. Is that a mermaid I spy??
 Next one!
 Wellies from Grandma!

 Adults wait patiently…2 opened, 90 to go!
 Move over pink Rabbit. My new bedtime rabbit has arrived.
Barbie. More Barbie. That makes a Barbie house, a Barbie swimming pool, a Barbie bedroom, a pop star barbie, a mermaid barbie, a fairy Barbie and a Barbie movie. Enough Barbie for one year.
 Mummy and Daddy relax amongst the wreckage. 
Now there’s something you don’t see every day. Mummy and Daddy dancing!