New Year 2014

 The Woodheads. Suited and booted for New Year. 
 New Year dinner, lovingly prepared by Papa Woodhead
 Full of New Year cheer….not.
That’s more like New Year cheer.
 The New Year formal portrait
 Careful Uncle Robin. This one is not for sale..
 That’s more like it.
Papa Woodhead is finished for the night. It was 1.30pm, after all.

Hitting the slopes

 There’s snow on the hills. I’m ready. Perhaps Rosie is less sure..
 As soon as the sledge came out, she became a speed demon..But needed dragging back up the hill each time. Many times. 

 Rosie encounters her first real life snowman.
 Queen of the slopes. 

 Quite quickly, Rosie discovered that it is even more fun if you point your sledge towards a jump and launch yourself over it. Going off piste just a day after Michael Schuhmacher had his accident…
 Falling out is part of the fun.
 A perfect first trip to the snow for mouse. May there be many more!

Children and fireworks…

 The best way to teach your child about firework safety…
 is to offer them fireworks to ignite for themselves.
 Daddy following the firework code. Always leave your fireworks exposed and as close to other,lit fireworks as possible. Additionally, stay as close as possible to explosions in order to react to any emergency (like unlit fireworks going off)
The night sky lit-up with bombs and rockets. Call me a child. I love fireworks…