The Golden Book Award

Rosie has earned a school award for her reading skills. I know I am biased, but for a four year old she is a genius, and can now almost read her bedtime stories by herself. Well done Rosie!!

Best friends

Amina’s 5th birthday party. Rosie can’t wait for hers now…but unfortunately, she is six months behind most of the girls in her class. Patience Rosie…take it from your old dad that the years will fly by quickly enough…

Sports day

 Ready for action in her team GB shirt.
 Rosie and David discuss the opposition…or perhaps what they want for lunch.
 With the coach.
 Mrs Ameera and team YR2. 
 Perfect poise and balance….
If all else fails, and you are losing the race, move the odds into your favour and use transport. Nice one Rosie!