The question “Can I pretend like Elsa?” will remain with me to the grave. Here she is, deep in Grandpa’s garden, preparing to cast her spells and freeze all within range.
 “I am your queen and I have spells.”
 “Now you are frozen.”
“Now you are dead Daddy, because I am Elsa and I have spells and I froze your heart.”
Thanks very much Elsa…


 A bracing walk on the St Annes seafront and beach..
 followed by a day at the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. Ahh… the memories.
 Our first ride of the day. Bring on the thrills!
 A child-sized wonderland…fully appreciated by mouse, if not quite as exciting as I remember it. 
An important part of the Blackpool ritual. Perhaps we should wait until you head has grown a bit Rosie, and then come back. 

The party

 A fifth birthday party filled with bubbles, friends, swimming, painting, chicken nuggets and lots of cake. 
A sign of a great party – the host with a look like this on her face.
 The bubble machine was awesome!

Painting ceramic fishes on the back porch. What a brilliant idea Mummy!

Nugget time…
The biggest cake of all time…featuring ‘Frozen’ of course…