Gone with the wind.

While I was in Bangkok, something amazing and profound happened. Rosie took her first tiny step towards independence, and like every other milestone in her life so far, she aced it. An hour of patient help from the cycle hire guy at Koganei park, and she had it nailed. On our next visit, I watched as she pedaled off into the distance, fast and wobbly, with no looking back…

RIP My Little Pony Cafe.

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Fully dressed in all her pony stuff (pony hoodie, pony scarf, pony tights) mouse headed for the my little pony cafe today, only to find out it has closed down. Momentary mourning, followed by the discovery of eggs ‘n things. All is ok again.1 - 1 (5)

The house special. heart attack on a plate…..unless you are six years old.
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